Environmental engagement

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Discover our environmental commitments: transformation and recycling of our pots, CO2 reduction, waste reduction. 

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

OUR GLASS POTS are inert, waterproof and transparent and can be recycled indefinitely, without losing quality or purity, thanks to their natural composition.

Sort them, or reuse them, it's up to you!

Feel free to share your creations and ideas on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Let's sort for our planet!

OUR PACKAGING CARDS, ALUMINIUM LOCKS and PET BOTTLES can also be recycled, but not on their own!

Help them by throwing them into the sorting bin.


Our commitments

Reduction of CO2 emissions

- Our building is powered by green electricity from Engie,

- we are very attentive to our daily energy consumption (heating, electricity, lighting) and regularly make our teams aware of this.

- in order to limit the weight for transport, our small packaging formats are made of glass, and the larger ones of recyclable plastic.

Reducing waste

- we use kraft paper, used cardboard as dunnage,

- we reuse cushioning received from our suppliers,

- we reuse the boxes to send the orders and use boxes initially intended for destruction (end of batch, non conformity, ...)

- we're trying to outfit ourselves with reconditioned equipment,

- we limit our impressions,

- we sort and recycle our production waste (cardboard, glass, ...)

- we reuse the paper as much as possible to make a draft if possible

- we limit the printing of promotional documents (catalogue, flyer...)

- we don't have any samples.

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