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Hair Routine Kit
Hair Routine Kit

Hair Routine Kit

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Natural and organic shampoo trio kit

It's no secret that conventional shampoos contain ingredients that are harmful to our health and to the environment. 

So, have you already tested organic shampoos? 

Now is the time! La Fare 1789 offers you the winning trio, a selection of organic and natural shampoos and conditioners suitable for the whole family! 

This kit is composed of the Divine shampoo, the Detangling and Nourishing conditioner and the Anti-Frizz shine treatment. 

We're offering 40% off on the purchase of this kit, you don't want to miss it!

Product Details :

Our Divine shampoo is the ultimate reference for dry and weakened hair and is perfect for colored hair. 

It is composed of organic ingredients, all of which play a major role in keeping the scalp rehydrated and full of vitality. 

Composed of lemon balm, it fights against scalp irritations.

Our Detangling and Nourishing Conditioner is your daily ally to facilitate the brushing of your hair. 

Composed of Aloe Vera, this conditioner restores shine to your hair and also limits hair loss.

Our Anti-Frizz Radiance treatment is applied to the lengths and ends to provide intense nutrition thanks to its Coconut and Avocado oils. 

It is not all, it also allows to soften your hair while drawing your curls.

The La Fare 1789 kit is offered to you.

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