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Volume & Shine Hair Routine Kit
Volume & Shine Hair Routine Kit

Volume & Shine Hair Routine Kit

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Organic and natural shampoo trio kit

Are you tired of using shampoos that smell great but aren't necessarily effective?

It is possible to integrate into your hair routine a natural organic shampoo, without chemicals, to take care of your hair while respecting its needs.

La Fare 1789 has thought of you and your family's hair!

In your kit, you will find our Volume & Shine shampoo, our Detangling and Nourishing conditioner and our Anti-Frizz shine treatment. 

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Product details :

Our Volume & Shine shampoo is formulated with extremely gentle surfactants, soothing the scalp. Rich in glycerin, which provides moisture, this shampoo also limits dandruff. 

Our Detangling and Nourishing Conditioner is, as its name suggests, essential for effective detangling.With its moisturizing power, it restores shine to your hair. It is suitable for all hair types.

Our Anti-Frizz Radiance Care is a concentrate of vitamins for your hair. Indeed, enriched in precious oils, it allows to restructure perfectly your curls and to avoid the frizzes. If you want to take the sun or dive into the pool or if you have abused last summer, the care Eclat Anti-Frizz is the one that you need to concoct you a mask of night, the day before the shampoo. 

The La Fare 1789 kit is free.

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