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Lip Balm 10ml

Incredibly rich and protective thanks to Shea Butter and...

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Peeling Face Mask 30 ml / 1 fl.oz Peeling Face Mask 30 ml / 1 fl.oz

Exfoliating Face Cream 30ml

For a detox beauty routine! Once or twice a week, on cleansed...

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The Balm

A Gorgeous Glowy Effect !   The La Fare 1789 Balm offers a...

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La Fare 1789 facial care made in Provence offers you beauty routines

Discover the biologically active ingredients of our products and enjoy pure moments of happiness thanks to our melting textures, our natural fragrances, let the softness of Provence give you a smile!

Why does facial skin need special protection and attention? Your face is the reflection of your inner self, stress, fatigue or an unbalanced diet are all factors that play on the beauty of your skin. And every day your epidermis is subjected to numerous aggressions: cold, heat, sun and stress for example...

Your skin deserves the best care. La Fare 1789 offers a wide range of organic and natural cosmetics. Our range of organic and natural face creams are all made *** from high quality plants with exceptional virtues. We offer you treatments that respect your body. Our range of organic face creams, elaborated with natural ingredients will bring you well-being and fullness covering the essential needs of your skin.

Our creams and treatments will accompany you throughout the day from the time you wake up to bedtime.

Before going to sleep, make-up removal is an essential step: the Extra Gentle Cleansing Milk removes make-up and impurities. As soon as your skin is clean two, three spritzes of the Intense Purifying Mist that provides you with hydration and energy and to start a repairing night use the Intense Night Cream, which moisturizes and regenerates your skin. 

Every morning, go with one of our four soaps: they deeply cleanse your face while caring for it, then your skin is ready for its day cream. We have two day creams that will meet all your needs. The Ideal Face Cream for an immediate beauty makeover, or the Delicate Face Cream to soothe and protect your face. To finish, the Eye Wonder Contour Care that will sublimate your eyes.

Once or twice a week, the Facial Peeling Mask oxygenates your skin and illuminates your complexion and the Exfoliating Facial Cream plumps and tightens your skin texture.

Our treatments are made from a combination of organic ingredients, which makes them unique. They are made to meet your needs.

La Fare 1789 Facial Treatments are created in Provence and are at your service to provide you with a complete routine. 

Discover the organic active ingredients in our products and enjoy pure moments of happiness with a radiant complexion. Let the softness of Provence give you a smile!