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Discover the Beauty Routines by La Fare 1789. Whatever your needs: a routine is made for you.


A routine is a combination of products to meet specific expectations. La Fare 1789 Beauty experts have created 5 unique routines for you.

Creating a beauty routine is important:

- Take care of yourself every day,

- Associated with essential products,

- Getting your skin used to being cared for,

- Allow time for the active ingredients in the products to take effect,


We've combined our products with each other to create customized beauty routines. Depending on our skin type and the season, we have very different needs.


Our five routines: A Clear Skin Routine, My First Beauty Routine, My Winter Care Routine, My Body Care Routine and My Detox Hair Routine.

The Clean Skin Routine is particularly aimed at all those who wish to have a perfect skin texture, it is suitable for all skin types. I want this one!

My First Beauty Routine is perfect for a first routine, getting to know your skin and preventing imperfections. It's made for me!

The Winter Care Routine was created to protect your skin from external aggressions, a combination of skin care products rich in active ingredients to help you regain healthy skin. It's what I've always dreamed of!

The Body Care Routine ; a combination of products to take care of your body from hands to feet. Yes, it's important!

And to finish off a Detox Hair Routine: Your hair is your beauty ally, an indispensable accessory!

I want to take care of it!


Your routine is composed of: three or four products, a free pouch and our playing card.

What is our playing card? A little extra: a guide to understand how to use your beauty products: when to use them, how, how and tips, the key to beauty success !