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Discover our range of soap and shower gel made in Provence by La Fare 1789. Our blocks of soaps are adapted to each type of skin and each have their virtues for body hygiene: very dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, atopic… Find our Calendula soap, to regenerate skin tissue, it soothes and protects durably. Our extra mild soap enriched with surgras agent, shea and ylang ylang, helps fight dry skin and nourishes it intensely. Discover our myrtle soap, to illuminate the skin and act on the aging of the skin of the body and face. The combination of almond and laurel helps provide flexibility and great hydration to very fragile skin. Olive soap and lavender meanwhile alone represent the essence of Provence and purify skin with atopic tendency ... All our soaps and shower gels cleanse deeply respecting your skin nature. They moisturize and protect and bring a great feeling of softness thanks to their special Provence fragrances. Choose your favorite perfume!