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Discover our range of makeup remover and cleanser made in Provence by La Fare 1789. Make-up removal is an essential step in your beauty routine, in order to effectively remove makeup and impurities accumulated during the day. Make your make-up removal a true moment of happiness and softness with our extra soft milk composed of organic ingredients such as aloe vera, shea, sesame or calendula. All the ingredients in this make-up remover moisturize, soothe the skin after a long day, nourish and neutralize it. Also find all our block soaps, adapted to each type of facial skin: dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, combination to oily skin. Find our extra mild soap enriched with surgras agent, shea and ylang ylang, which helps fight against dryness of the skin and nourishes it intensely, or our myrtle soap, to illuminate the skin and acts on wrinkles. The calendula used in many of our products also comes in soap and helps repair damaged skin, soothe and protect it. The combination of almond and laurel helps provide flexibility and great hydration to very fragile skin. Olive and lavender soap alone represents the essence of Provence and purifies combination skin… All our make-up removers, cleansers, cleansers are organic with high-quality ingredients to preserve facial skin.