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Natural sponge

100% natural sea sponge.  - Biodegradable - Suitable for all...

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Pale pink pouch

Pale pink pouch la Fare 1789.  A new pouch to delicately...

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Discover the beauty accessories essential for a top beauty routine! Taking care of yourself means paying attention to what you put on your skin; natural, organic cosmetics, but not that you don't...

It is important to choose quality accessories.

They are our beauty allies and make our daily life easier: so we must choose them well.

Our accessories have been selected to complete your beauty routines or simply to embellish your bathroom!


A 100% natural sea sponge, our sponge comes from a respectful fishing according to an artisanal method: a traditional fishing that respects the environment of the sea bed. The sponges are unique, they never have the same shape. Our sponge accompanies you morning and evening, use it to remove your make-up, cleanse your face, after a mask or a scrub. I want my sponge!

We offer two models of soap dishes. They allow the soaps to dry naturally and do not wear out too quickly. Each soap dish is handmade and individually signed, they are creations with lace prints inspired by a Japanese method. A unique creation made by Antonella Ballesta Ceramics. To finish our pink pouch La Fare 1789, a nice little bag to store your cosmetics and accessories. A pouch that follows you everywhere. A cosy nest for your favorite products.