Magnetic Minimalist Soap Dish
Magnetic Minimalist Soap Dish
Magnetic Minimalist Soap Dish

Magnetic Minimalist Soap Dish

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Aesthetic and practical magnetic holder for solid soap.
Made in France, the magnetic and minimalist soap dish sublimates the soap.
Quick and complete drying of the soap ensures a longer lifespan.
Forget about soft soap that sticks or drips.
Always close at hand, it can be replaced easily and without dirt.

Supports up to 200 grams upright and up to 400 grams horizontal.

Compatible with all types of solid care (soaps, shampoos), except crumbly products.


Being made up of small parts, the zero waste soap dish can represent a danger for the youngest. It is advisable to supervise children when handling solid soap.

Be careful, the magnet being powerful, remember to keep electronic objects away to avoid any interference or malfunction.


Article made up of 2 parts: a suction cup containing a strong magnet and a capsule to be pushed into the soap.

Neodymium magnet with anti-rust epoxy seal.

Stainless steel capsule.

Net weight: 12 grams.

Diameter of the suction cup: 3.5 cm / Height of the suction cup + magnet: 1.5 cm

Diameter of the capsule: 2.2 cm / Height of the capsule: 0.5 cm

Magnet color: silver


Maximum supported weight:

    200 g: in all positions, including vertical.
    400 g: horizontally (suction cup fixed on a horizontal plane)

Made in France.

How to use the star accessory in the bathroom?

You have the choice of placing the suction cup on any clean, smooth and uneven surface (such as glass, sink, mirror, earthenware, bathtub).

As a precaution, we recommend that you, before purchase, do the test with any suction cup in order to see if your support is compatible with the attachment of a suction cup.

Indispensable in the zero waste bathroom, it will also be very useful in the kitchen to hold your household soap or your Marseille soap for the dishes.



1. Insert the capsule in the center of the soap, by hand, and lather around.

2. Let dry 8 hours before the 1st use.

3. Secure the suction cup to a smooth, clean, dry and smooth wall.

4. Place the soap on the suction cup.


Tips: On a daily basis, to unhook the soap, rotate it (rather than pull it) so as not to separate the soap capsule.

On very dry soap, operate delicately by wetting the soap beforehand and / or by inserting the capsule under a stream of water.



The minimalist soap dish is not a toy; keep the metal cap and the suction cup out of the reach of small children. Risk of swallowing small parts.

Do not damage the magnet of the suction part. Do not use a metal tool to handle it (pliers, etc.) to avoid rust.

Keep away from electronic objects. His magnet is powerful.


Weekly, clean the suction cup and the magnet part with clean water and let them dry in order to avoid the encrustation of residues which could damage the seal of the magnet.


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