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Alguae coralline

Algae are an excellent source of nutrients and minerals with high affinity to the skin cells. This comprehensive intake assets nourishes and stimulates the living cells of the skin and promotes skin renewal. The pink coralline has the particularity to improve cell cohesion and oxygenation of cells. 

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Aloe Vera

Known since ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Arab peoples for its healing properties, the juice of Aloe vera was used for burns and deep wounds. Polysaccharide rich in amino acids, malic and citric acids, this juice helps to rebuild damaged tissue, while providing hydration. Also very rich in nutrients, Aloe Vera strengthens the natural defenses, maintain balance and promotes skin regeneration.

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It is a fine oil , emollient -rich proteins with a low rate of fatty acid. Mainly characterized by its softening action, it promotes healing, reduces skin inflammation and relieves itching. It also effectively retards the aging of the skin, nourish making it softer and more flexible. The complexion is radiant.

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This oil, cold pressed, protects cells and tissues. Great source of vitamin E, it is valuable for treating dry and sloughed skin and regenerate skin

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Calendula or Marigold is grown without gardens throughout temperate Europe, for its flowers in large flower heads bright orange. Effective anti-inflammatory and healing, it is deemed in cosmetics for its soothing all properties, moisturizing and soothing. Extract of Calendula is a renowned active for all softeners and moisturizers, ideal for sensitive or fragile skin.

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Highly prized for its beta-carotene, carrot turns out to have many virtues for our skin. It is high on our list of the best products of our green vanity. Find out why this strange orange vegetable boot us ! Darling cosmeto addict, and more eco bios, carrots packed with vitamins and minerals just waiting to serve our beauty !

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Historically, women cover their faces with thin slices of cucumber to moisturize and restore radiance to skin ... It is the English herbalist Culpeper that we owe many discoveries related to the cucumber, starting with its moisturizing and purifying properties. It smoothes, relaxes and refreshes the skin while allowing it to eliminate toxins and reduce dander.



Fat mountain plant that grows in the state was once used for its medicinal properties. The white "star glaciers " today reveals its moisturizing and antioxidant powers. It also has positive effects on slowing the aging of skin cells.

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It is a moisturizer, emollient and protective, which has the property to retain many times its weight in water, making it an essential moisturizing ingredient.

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The hibiscus flower is a herbaceous plant purple red color. Rich in vitamin C and trace elements, it is a source of energy. Its energizing property classifies the hibiscus flower among the plants to stimulant.



Nicknamed " the gold of the desert", Jojoba oil is described as " oil ", but its chemical composition, but rather a liquid wax. It has the unique property in the world, to be the oil that has the closest characteristics of sebum. It thus creates a non-greasy hydration layer on the surface of the skin. Also characterized by its high content of unsaponifiables, it is important to protect the skin and scarring. .



Originally discovered in China, kaolin, a soft and precious clay, is also present in Morbihan, Côtes d'Armor and Finistere. Kaolin Ploemeur, called the Breton white gold, has long been known for its high purity. This clay has very valuable characteristics in cosmetics. She remineralizes skin , soothes skin irritations and gently removes impurities thanks to its trace elements and its ion exchange capacity.

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Shea butter

If the shea butter is a great asset for the winter, it is because it is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and unsaponifiables helps maintain and enhance skin hydration face the imbalances caused by the cold. Featuring regenerating and anti-free radical properties, it is particularly recommended for sensitive skin of babies and the dry and mature skin.

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The laurel is the symbol of Apollo, god of the sun and the arts, beauty and healing. This is an essential oil extracted from the laurel fruit, powerful and aromatic, with purifying and regenerating properties.

Champs de lavande


She wonders for the skin. It has relaxing properties, recognized soothing and antiseptic. It's perfect for normal, oily or sensitive. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering stems harvested in the hot summer sun.



It can be used in massage its exceptional penetrating power, prevention of stretch marks, for the healing of the skin, protecting the hair and hands; it also has a reputation for improving microcirculation. This is a very light oil that leaves no greasy feeling Apers implementation and facilitates local microcirculation. Macadamia oil has the interesting distinction of having cosmetic composition similar to that of human sebum and rich in essential fatty acids.

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Small plant of the maquis, it rich oligogalacturonanes longevity proteins. Their action protects cells, awakens the complexion and therefore acts on wrinkles.



Its amber light warms, evoking by turns voluptuous odalisque and regressive pleasures. Please the palate, honey also like our skin. Nourishing, healing, soothing, it does wonders for cajole and repair battered skins by thermal variations, especially in winter. Recently, its regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties are studied. He first attracted by its natural side, then for its ease of use : most honey-based cosmetics can indeed be used from head to toe, on all skin types. They are also well tolerated by the most fragile skins.



The niaouli is a small tree characterized by persistent and fragrant leaves , with a clear and very thick crust but soft and crumbly like paper. Tea Tree essential oil is used to make disappear age spots, great natural anti wrinkle . It is also an anti- infective, antibacterial and antiviral, which gives it powerful virtues to treat wounds or cuts.

Noix de coco


Virgin coconut oil is great for satin and feed the drier parts of the skin, help prevent wrinkles, strengthen and help regrow hair and make them shiny. It can also be applied to the scalp to keep a healthy scalp.


Olive tree

Sacred tree of the Mediterranean countries, the Olive tree is so intimately linked to the history of the men he took charge over the centuries, numerous symbols : peace, hope, longevity, strength ... Renowned for their therapeutic properties anti- oxidant, digestive and circulatory, fruit and olive leaf also have recognized cosmetic virtues. Olive comes from the plant perhydrosqualene, similar to skin lipids.



Palmarosa This is one of the best essential oils for all skin problems (crevice, eczema, dermatitis, acne, mycosis, hives, psoriasis, dandruff, seborrhea, various infections) . She takes care of the skin, regenerates and promotes hydration and repair.
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This fruit present, after fermentation during long months, remarkable antioxidant properties. Recall that the extract of fermented papaya no longer contains the antioxidant compounds of the fresh fruit. But its fermentation enriched it with new compounds that give it , besides a direct antioxidant activity ( trap free radicals ) , an ability to strengthen the antioxidant defenses of the body and stimulating properties of the immune system.



Common plant of the Mediterranean basin, to the south- west Asia rosemary grows on limestone soils of low-lying hills and scrub, particularly in France and North Africa. It is a plant rich in essential oil both antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing, relaxing and relaxing muscle.

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Sesame is a plant native to Africa, well known for its oil-rich seeds. This is one of the oldest cultivated oil plants. Recent studies have allowed us to understand that sesame oil was a powerful and effective antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.



All sugar derivatives are classified as moisturizers / emollients / humectants. They are known to help skin maintain optimal hydration and moisture content while acting as a softener and softener.



Thyme is a plant with many benefits. It is rich in flavonoids and tannins, giving it antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti -inflammatory. Thymol and carvacrol, also present, are mainly responsible for its antiseptic activity. In the South of France, thyme is also frequently called farigoule, its Occitan name : farigola.

Thé vert

Green tea

Tea has many applications in natural cosmetics. Very rich in polyphenols with antioxidant properties, it protects the skin cells of libres. Content of caffeine and theophylline radicals actually a valued asset for its stimulating and toning properties.



Sunflower oil is obtained by mechanical pressing of seeds. Rich in Omega -6 essential component of cell membranes, this oil nourishes and protects damaged skin daily. It is also an excellent hair conditioner for dry, damaged and brittle. Sunflower seeds leaves no greasy film on the skin since it is absorbed very quickly.

Ylang yang

Ylang Ylang

It is a tree from the Annonaceae family, native to Southeast Asia. This essential oil is known for its strong fragrance and its moisturizing, soothing and softening. The skin is soft, supple and smooth.