My First Face Routine
My First Face Routine
My First Face Routine
My First Face Routine
My First Face Routine
My First Face Routine
My First Face Routine

My First Face Routine

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Do you dream of beautiful skin? 

Girls for your first cosmetic experience we have created the perfect kit!

No matter what your skin type, we've combined the essentials to take care of your skin on a daily basis: 

- Intense Purifying Mist 

- Face Mask Peeling 

- Ideal Face Cream 

- Calendula Soap

We recommend this routine for young skin.

During adolescence our skin is subjected to harsh tests, hormonal imbalance, stress, the skin is weakened (pimples, blackheads, excess sebum ...),

our routine aims to anticipate its problems and allow the skin to regulate and purify itself.  

Result: A balanced and luminous skin!

In your Beauty Routine is included :

A game card: tips & beauty advice

The pink pouch La Fare 1789 

I want to know more about beauty routines!


Calendula Soap 

Calendula extra mild soap cleans deeply while preserving the hydrolipidic film to prevent the skin from drying out.

It is important to know that a poorly adapted soap dries the skin and stimulates your sebaceous glands, which makes your skin increasingly oily.

Intense Purifying Mist 

As we said before, our mist can be used morning and evening and helps eliminate excess sebum. It is an essential beauty product to purify and energize the skin. 

Ideal Face Cream 

Its active ingredients: Pink Coralline Algae, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Olive Leaf, Cucumber and EdelWeiss, the skin is moisturized, protected and cell metabolism is stimulated.

Face Mask Peeling 

A mask that erases itself for a nice skin texture. Thanks to its active ingredients: Kaolin, Carrot, Shea and Macadamia, the pores are tightened, the sebum is regulated and the complexion is radiant:

Goodbye blackheads and redness of pimples! The essential beauty gesture for a flawless skin.

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